Brustro Technical Pen

When you start sketching, the first question is which pencil is best, then when you start sketching with pen and ink or with watercolours like I do , the first question is which pen ? I have used many pens till date and Brustro Technical Pen Black is probably the best option in the affordable range. It costs about 330INR on Amazon.

What It has:

It has an assortment of 6 pens in different sizes

  1. 0.1mm – The thinnest and good for very thin detailing.
  2. 0.2mm – Used this very much for sketching , perfect size for detailing.
  3. 0.3mm – Used this the maximum , best for outlining the whole drawing.
  4. 0.5mm – This is quite thick and good for thick outlines and illustration.
  5. 0.8mm – This quite thick and good for thick outlines and filling.

These 6 pens come in a plastic zip pouch which makes it very easy to carry.

Brustro Technical Pen


The first question I had was – is it waterproof ? because if you are like me you will pen in your drawing first and then use watercolour over it. This is especially important for live sketching, urban sketching and travel sketching as most of it is outdoors and you wouldn’t want to ruin your sketch if the weather gets wet suddenly.


And the answer is yes Brustro Technical Pens are 100% waterproof , I have now been using it on all my sketching outings without it smudging or running.

The quality of the Japanese nibs is very good, in fact I would say way better than Sakura Pigma Micron pens which is harder and will need you to keep your hand in 90 degree angle to get the best results.

Brustro Pen Review 2

Brustro nibs are easy flowing without any breaks or rough finishes and you can do fast lines without the hassle and irritation of scratching sounds and breaks. The ink is dark and smear proof. It has worked really well on my Moleskine Art Plus Sketchbook and even  on Canson Montval 300 GSM which is a more thicker and textured watercolour paper.

A very good buy and a basic must have in a sketching kit. Buy Brustro Technical Pen here.