Happy Dussehra

Happy Dussehra Everyone – I grew up loving Dussehra or Dasara as we call it. House would be overflowing with all the Dasara dolls, a trip to Mysore to watch the procession. Being super curious about the stories of the dolls. Watching the Maharaja, the Pooja and the Elephants on TV, going to neighbors houses to see who has the best doll collection, eating a lot 🙂

Boho Sketcher

Pondi or Pondicherryis is a mix of Dutch , Portugese, British and French influences merging right alongside the Tamil Indian cultures. You can see this in the streets, in the Architecture and Food of Pondi. Where one side you can get the best Gourmet dishes served in style in luxurious hotels , a 5 min walk will take you to the most yummiest Tamil style street food which will not make your purse lighter.

Pondi is known to a lot of travelers, it is not known as an off beat place, then what is it that keeps me going back there ? It is everything, the charm , the people the art and so many many places to sit and sketch , have a coffee and walk down the beach promenade.

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The Sketchwalk with The Travel of Art May 6th and 7th

This was such a fun workshop I did with The Travel Of Art . A lovely new way of exploring Bengaluru city. We walked around Cubbon Park which is in the heart of the city and was originally created in 1870. This workshop was the Kickstarter to all those who thought they can’t draw. Here they learnt how to compose, draw natural surroundings, buildings and other landmarks of Bengaluru city with ease. They learnt how to create free flowing sketches, use pen and watercolour and keep a journal.

May 6:  4pm to 7pm :

We started by a short introduction to sketching, the value of sketching and how it can help in our fast paced day to day lives and how it can be used for documenting our travels , thoughts and more.

We walked around the park, observing trees and drawing them with pencil and then inking it in with pen. Then I taught  learn basic techniques in observing and eliminating extra details and concentrating on the subject, basic drawing and watercolour techniques. Then their work was reviewed and feedback and constructive help was given. A basic understanding of materials used in sketching was how we wrapped this day up nicely.


May 7: 9am to 12pm :

We walked around Mg Road Boulevard and they learned to draw buildings, stalls and the streets. They employed what they had learned the previous day and created a nice set of drawings in their sketchbooks. Then we headed to the nearest café and discussed all the sketches and techniques and a final discussion was held on all that they had learned through this workshop and I pepped them up to keep continuing to keep a journal and keep sketching !