Hindu Metroplus Article On Ajji and Mili Book Launch

Super happy and grateful to see my interview about Ajji and Mili in Hindu Metroplus this wednesday 😊 couldnt have asked for anything more for my book launch ! #ajjiandmili #ajjiandmilistories #ajjiandmilibooks


The Beaver

The Beaver – Character for Ajji and Mili – Children’s Book Series

This character took a lot more to create, not in terms of just illustrating it, but mainly to portray the character.He has many different traits, he is a collector – Of seeds , he is absorbed in his own world, has a sense of wonder.

Emily, 10-Year-Old Champion of Rainforest Animals in Need by Cathleen Burnham

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Emily, 10-Year-Old Champion of Rainforest Animals in Need

Cathleen Burnham, Author and Photographer

Crickhollow Books, Nonfiction, Sep. 15, 2018

Series: World Association of Kids and Animals

Suitable for Ages: 7-12

Themes: Global Youth Activism, Nature, Rainforest, Animal Rescue, Baby Sloth, Endangered Wildlife

Opening: High in a tree in a rainforest in Costa Rica, a mother sloth slept, cradling her baby close to her. The mother was sleeping, but the baby was wide awake.Β 


Meet Emily, a 10-year-old girl, who is active in a youth-led conservation program to save rain forest animals in western Costa Rica. She helps care for an orphaned sloth at an animal sanctuary by taking it for walks along a jungle path and participates in other activities to protect local wildlife and their environment.

When Emily arrives at a local youth program, Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR), she and her friends…

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Happy Dussehra

Happy Dussehra Everyone – I grew up loving Dussehra or Dasara as we call it. House would be overflowing with all the Dasara dolls, a trip to Mysore to watch the procession. Being super curious about the stories of the dolls. Watching the Maharaja, the Pooja and the Elephants on TV, going to neighbors houses to see who has the best doll collection, eating a lot πŸ™‚