Independence day Urban sketching workshop – Gandhi Bazaar Bangalore

Independence day Urban sketching workshop Parinitha Konanur Watercolor

Independence day Urban sketching workshop

in Collaboration with Plan The Unplanned

Come learn to sketch, this is a fun way of exploring Bengaluru city. We will be walking around Gandhi Bazaar Area which is in the heart of Old. This workshop is the Kickstarter to all those who think they can’t draw, or even the ones who have been drawing for a while and want to explore and learn further. Here we learn how to compose, draw natural surroundings, buildings and other landmarks of Bengaluru city with ease. You will learn how to create free flowing sketches, use pen and watercolour and keep a journal.

August 15th : 10.30Am to 1.30pm :

1500rs – Per Head

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We will start this Independence Day Sketchwalk by a short introduction to sketching, the value of sketching and how it can help in our fast paced day to day lives and how it can be used for documenting our travels, thoughts and more.

We will meet in front of Roti Ghar Gandhi Bazaar and sketch the market in front which is beautiful part of old Bangalore, that still retains some of the Old Bangalore charm. The market is always bustling with people and vendors

The sketch walk will start with the market place , first with a pencil then with pen and then you will learn to use watercolours. We will head out into the surroundings and try and capture the many sights while ending the sketchwalk with the famous Davanagere Benne Dose and Filter Coffee and then you can head out to the Lal Bagh Botanical gardens where the flower show will be on display.

In this Sketchwalk Workshop you will learn the basic techniques in observation and eliminating unwanted details and concentrating on the subject. You will learn basic drawing and watercolour techniques. Your work will be reviewed and you will be given feedback and constructive help. You will also be given a basic understanding of materials used in sketching.

You can see and observe others drawings and also have a small Q and A session. And we will wrap up the workshop with a few more pointers to keep you sketching as often as possible.

Come join us for this fun Workshop and if interested please book asap, as this is first come first served.

Materials you will be needing are pencil, pen, watercolour and sketchbook. This will be provided, but please do feel free to bring your own materials that you are already comfortable with especially sketchbooks and watercolour.

W&N Cotman Sketchers Pocket Box 12 colour

Winsor and Newton Cotman Sketchers Pocket Box Watercolour set– 12 colour – Review

I had been wanting to get this set, but somehow kept trying everything else. But I can assure you that after buying it I am all the more happier. I was thrown off by many things. I am hoping this post will help you decide.

The first thing about this box is it is really genuinely pocket sized. It is a really compact plastic box with 12 half pans of watercolours. The most important thing in a sketchers set is to get the right blue and the right red along with ofcourse the right green. When I say right I mean a versatile colour, as you will not be carrying a lot of your other colours, this will be your basic palette and needs to be good enough to mix pretty much everything. This box is the best from that perspective, especially at this price range. It varied between 1,150 to 2,500 on Amazon.

Buy Winsor and Newton Watercolour 12 pan set here

What it has

  1. Integral mixing palette in the lid
  2. A Pocket brush


The mixing palette is very useful and easy to maintain, the box in itself is very easy to carry and even more importantly easy to manage while standing and sketching. Another amazing part is that all the half pans are detachable so you can replace them with the shades you prefer most and create your own palette once these are empty. The pocket brush provided in the box is a very very small size brush, pretty much useful only for thin lines and detailing. You will need to carry another brush with this. Winsor And Newton have released another set called the “ Cotman Brush Pen Set” which is pretty much the same colours with a little bigger box and a water brush , you can decide the one you prefer more and buy that.

Buy Cotman Brush Pen Set Here


Now the paints in itself – The colours are really good, no complaints there at all. The ultramarine blue is very fresh and perfect for skies and water, the red is deep and does the trick well. The cadmium yellow is bright and fresh, the sap green does well with nature sketches.


The 12 Colours available in this set are

  1. Lemon Yellow
  2. Cadmium Yellow
  3. Cadmium Red Pale Hue
  4. Crimson Alizarin
  5. Ultramarine Intense Blue
  6. Pthalo Blue
  7. Viridian Hue
  8. Sap Green
  9. Yellow Ochre
  10. Burnt Sienna
  11. Burnt Umber
  12. China White

And here is a swatch test video by Brightwritings

Swatch Test

An Urban Sketch I did with this set.


Over all this is a good buy for this range and it works quite well as a starter box for the ones venturing into sketching.