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Ajji and Mili  – Children’s Book Series

Ajji and Mili is a children’s book series. “ Ajji and Mili – Into the Forest” is the first book of the series. This is a story about conquering fear, understanding and connecting to nature. This is a story about friendship and compassion.

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Ajji quite literally means Grandmother in the South Indian Language Kannada. . She is full of life and full of stories, she loves to walk and she does so without a cane. She loves all of nature and grew up near a forest and is enchanted by all the creatures in it. She has a lush growth of vegetables in her vegetable garden in her village home. Mili is an 8 year old girl from the city. She is a bunch of contradictions, she is verbose and full of curiosity, she gets bored easily and hates repetition. She loves her city life and all the chaos of it. She has never been to a village and has only seen animals as pets or in a zoo. She is quite afraid of all creatures but curious about them all the same.

Ajji and Mili Into The Forest is the journey of Ajji and Mili, they meet the quirky and informative fox Tako. Mili learns a lot about animals, plants in the forest, the eco system and inter dependence of animals and plants. While braving through being lost in the forest Mili and Tako Meet Mr Beaver who travels and collects seeds from around the world, they follow him to his magical nursery.

The story follows the characters and all the happenings in the forest while making it easier for children to connect to nature, bringing a bit of magic into the mix.

I am self Publishing the Book and Crowdfunding it, to bring it to life. Please do pledge and share Ajji and Mili Indiegogo

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