Bangalore Sketch Walk – Aug 6th 2017

Bangalore Sketch Walk – Aug 6th 2017 with Plan The Unplanned

This was a fun Sketch walk collaborating with the awesome team of Plan The Unplanned who are a Bangalore based Travel and Adventure Company who also do Heritage walks , cycling and other events in Bangalore.

August 5th : 10Am to 1pm :

We started the day by a short introduction to sketching, the value of sketching and how it can help in our fast paced day to day lives and how it can be used for documenting our travels, thoughts and more.

We met in front of central library in cubbon park, and sketched this iconic building, first with pencil then pen. Then they learnt the basic techniques in observing and eliminating extra details and concentrating on the subject. They learnt basic drawing and watercolour techniques. The works were then reviewed and feedback and constructive help was given to participants.They were also given a basic understanding of materials used in sketching.

We walked around cubbon park and the participants  learnt to draw trees and their other surroundings.

We all saw and observed each others drawings and also had a small Q and A session. And we  wrapped up the workshop with a few more pointers to keep them sketching as often as possible.