1Shanthiroad – Alternative Art Space

Bangalore has an ever increasing populace with a decently large group of artists, aspiring and professional, with an equally growing need for alternative art spaces, with vitality – which can be alive, adapting to varying artistic needs. These spaces need to develop a personal exchange with the artists, hence facilitating a community with a bearing. The space needs to possess an ambience which suggests ease, allowing artists to have an open exchange of ideas, strengthening the community. Alternative art spaces are gaining revived interest as the kind of art works being made are separating from the conventions, performances fused with a display of installations speaks a different language which necessitates a space that cuts conventions.
1Shanthiroad provides this and more, helping on the continual exchange between artists involved with the space and the space in itself. It’s a space that has from its inception held the capacity to provide a platform for artists and art students to have a dialogue, as opposed to a single sided monologue, which most conventional galleries provide. 1Shanthiroad as I know it, has been endlessly encouraging an exchange of ideas, amongst artists, art students, writers, musicians, performers, from different lands. The open spaces add to the spirit of the place, allowing breathing space, adding to the already earthly ambience. It has an informal air, which allows artists to converse freely.
1Shanthiroad contains a fine collection of books and catalogues, which ensures every visit is informative; one can read about new artists and reviews of shows along with having a chat on the current show at the very gallery. It is supportive to upcoming artists who have not ventured into the public domain yet, guiding and reinvigorating them, collectively imbibing them with confidence, helping them explore without constraints. Artists from varied backgrounds and interests freely jostle around this space creating an unmistakable energy, fusing ideas and concepts which more often than not are realized in the same gallery space.
This alternative art space is also constructed keeping its diverse needs in mind; it creates different enclosures instead of one plain square, helping in creating diverse atmospheres at the same time and also allowing varied art activities to be happening simultaneously. This cuts boredom and instead endows it with a more vivacious appeal.
Alternative art spaces are not just for exhibiting, it’s more for exchange and experimentation, which is colossal to the development of art and artists as a community. A space that ensures the meeting of different ideas under one informal roof. 1shanthiroad does just that, providing an actual space for casual conversation amongst artistic individuals with diverse dialects. Art exchange programs, grants and individual interest make this space composite and complete.

Parinitha Konanur