Ajji and Mili Art Jam + Origami Workshop

Ajji and Mili Art Jam and Origami Workshop

Come create with us, this is a parent and child art jam which is a fun and artistic way to party with your children. Take out your thinking hats and put on your creative aprons.
Colour, draw eat fresh good food and drink some yummy smoothies and have fun. Then learn the cool art of Origami. It is open for all newbies no prior art knowledge required. Best for 4 to 10 age group (A little older is not a problem) and their parents.
Nourish your creative soul with this Art Jam where you get a unique opportunity to create with your children.

This Art Jam aims at bringing together children of different age group and parents and children to create together as a group. This is a great activity for parents to come with their children and create something wonderful.

This art jam will help kick-start your interest in art and engage kids in a unique way. Art helps with calming , it is a way to express oneself and helps in hand eye co-ordination for children, it also helps with memory and so much more. Children love origami as evidenced by how they are enamoured with their first paper airplane, paper hat, or paper boat. And while we might not always think about it, origami surrounds us — from envelopes, paper fans, and shirt folds to brochures and fancy towels. Origami envelops us. Origami has been found to improve not only 3D perception and logical thinking, but also focus and concentration.

Ajji and Mili – Is a Children’s Book Series the first of which is Ajji and Mili – Into the Forest. It is an endeavor not only to create an engaging and entertaining book with watercolour illustrations for children, but also as a way of introducing nature to children through stories. It is a way of introducing children to flaura and fauna, environmental topics through engaging stories with a tad bit of magic in the mix. It is a story of adventure and camaraderie, of compassion and friendship.

Ajji and Mili into the forest is the story of the adventures of Ajji and her granddaughter Mili who have to cross the Forest, where they meet Tako a funny , quirky fox as they walk through the forest, follow the river, climb up the mountain, meet a world traveling seed collecting Beaver and come across so many different plants and animals, trees and birds.

1,500 INR per parent and child

What is Included:
All Materials included
What can You Bring:
Bring any extra Materials You want and an apron if you need one.

Enerjuvate Café and Studio
716/2, 22nd cross rd, Krishna Rajendra Rd,
Banashankari Stage II, Banashankari,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070
What Can You Get At the Location:
It is a wonderful café with some awesome food and beverage options you can choose from
2pm to 6 Pm

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