Urban Sketcher Bangalore Illustrator Artist Watercolor

Parinitha Konanur is an Author, Illustrator and Urban Sketcher in Bangalore. She is the founder of  Antaranga Community where she is trying to create a community, of like minded individuals who care about the environment, who are connected to nature and art. She is trying to pave her way to a conscious living with a holistic approach to life, where she can help others to connect to nature and themselves through art. With a degree in fine arts and majoring in Art History, she learnt to see art from multiple perspectives, she saw how impactful art in any of i’ts forms can be, be it for self-growth or social change.

She discovered Urban Sketching with watercolours back in 2013 and after that there was no looking back for her. She has been in the  Urban Sketching Community for many years, it has helped her with her conceptual illustrations and art work.

 Parinitha Konanur has taken Urban Sketching workshops for over four years now where she has taught Urban Sketching and watercolours, Urban Sketch walks in Bangalore and watercolor Workshops. She is the admin at the Urban Sketchers Bangalore Chapter. She started Bohosketcher as an Urban Sketching blog to journal all her travels, journeys visually and as a collection of stories. Over the years she has come to realize how Urban sketching can be a meditative process and an activity in mindfulness.

She fell in love with illustrations from a young age, which came from richly illustrated Russian Children’s Books she read as a child. Illustrations have always fascinated her and every book she loves, she cherishes more with an illustrated edition, she feels it brings more to the story, especially for children, it helps them to imagine and emote. She has been working as a Children’s Book Illustrator for over five years.

She believes that children are our future and the future of our planet and she believes that if they are taught to care for nature and mother earth, they will grow up to be environmentally conscious adults. She has written and illustrated a children’s book” Ajji and Mili into the Forest” to help children connect to nature and to care for animals, this book also helps Children get an understanding of Indian culture.